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We have had some cries for help!
Dear Aunty Crafty,
I have now got quite a few red rubber stamps and currently they are all stored in zip lock bags in a drawer. I am a little worried that they might become damaged, so I was wondering if you have any tips or ideas as to how I could store them better.
Many thanks
Concerned in Cheshire
Aunty Crafty writes….
Storage is an issue we all have to contend with.
It can be hard to look after your stamps. The zip lock bags sound ideal but I would make a suggestion which might make things easier to find.
Cut a piece of stiff card to fit inside the bag. Cover one side of this card with plain white paper and then stamp each of the designs from the bag on the piece of paper. Now you can put everything back into the bag and the card will keep it all flat – plus you can look at the bag and see from the design sheet what you have got in there. This should help you find things more quickly and protect your stamps.
Aunty C x
Dear Aunty Crafty

Please please please can you help me to understand the differences between all the different types of ink pad.

I can never remember which ones are best for embossing, when you should use a dye based ink pad etc etc etc.

I’ve always been a bit wary of stamping ( other than my feet in temper tantrum of course) but recently I have become more interested in the technique.

Please help me sort this out


Aunty Crafty writes….
Kazza, you are not alone. I would ask that you be a little patient as I have been told that your question will be answered in full in the next podcast – which will be a rubber stamping special! You don’t have much longer to wait.
Aunty C x
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