Inky and Messy Debate

Can you get too messy?

Many people would answer no. Perhaps I am a bit inhibited – but I think you can go too far with things!

I am all for being creative and exploring new ways of using materials – but sometimes you have to look to the key elements of your work and make sure that your fun isn’t getting in the way of good design.

I tend to stick to 3 colours for most of my work – it is harder for me to control things if I go too mad. 2 can be toning with 1 as a contrast or they can all work well as a whole. However I would aim to not be too clashing in my choices.

Now, I am not a minimalist – but there are times when less is more… so I tend not to put too many things into one design otherwise the eye gets confused. Many people use odd numbers of elements to help create balance. Even numbers have to be aligned perfectly to work – whereas with odds you have a lot more freedom.

I guess I follow the KISS principle… Keep It Simple Stupid!

Limit the colour palette to 3

Work with odd numbers of elements

Keep the design clear

Now some may disagree…. Post a comment!

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  1. I am 100% with you on this one Simon and the KISS theory is my rule of thumb. I really hate it when you see a beautiful image stamped onto vellum or acetate and then a great blob of colour is added to the lips or some other feature of the picture, in my opinion totally ruining it and making a mess of what would otherwise have been a striking design. A subtle hint of colour is much more alluring and professional. Less is definately more in my book.

  2. I agree with you Simon too! I find that odd numbers are definately more effective, and I am a bit obsessive about toning shades of colour! I do tend to stick with two, and the contrast must be ‘appropriate’ – nothing too outstanding! I sometimes think my work is too tidy, and I’ve tried doing ‘messy’ but it doesn’t work for me at all … it does just look messy!

  3. I’m with you on this one. The trend is to be messy but not everyone can get away with it. Some get carried away with being in fashion and completely ruin what would have been a nice piece of work by adding too many colours and too many embellishments. I dont mind trying out something new but sometimes you can go too far and that when it should end up in the bin! Enjoy your crafting not the current trend!!!

  4. Depends on what you mean by ‘messy’! You can of course use too many colours and too much ink or paint and ruin a project – but it is all about experimenting and trying to get the balance right. You can create some fabulous effects and backgrounds for your projects by ‘messing about’ with various media – and they will be unique to you! You can also learn a lot about colours and colour combining by trying this out.

  5. I have to say I disagree with you Simon, inky and messy is not organised crafting, its lets get everything out and play, painting by numbers its certainly not.if you watched Tim at work you would know he does not plan anything he usually just goes for it and he himself says anything goes, after all he is one of the people who introduced Inky and Messy to us crafters.

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