Decoupage Debate

Some of you might get a bit hot under the collar with this next segment!

I have to be honest this is one paper craft that I just don’t get. I can appreciate the work that goes in and I know many people derive a lot of pleasure from it. But in the end, I keep coming back to the question … WHY BOTHER?

I can see with traditional 3D techniques where you – as a crafter – get to choose which elements to cut out and layer. But the advent of step-by-step decoupage and die-cut project sheets means that any real creativity is lost.

I also really don’t understand how a certain leading crafter can say that decoupage is a hot trend. It may sell on tv shopping channels – but it is not a hot trend. It is a craft that has been hanging around for a long time and the buyers for the shopping channels can pick up the materials cheaply from Holland.

If you enjoy decoupage – great. You should only ever do crafts that you enjoy but sorry, I won’t be joining in!

What do you think? Why not post a comment ?

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  1. I used to wonder why people did decoupage and thought it was justcutting out bits number 1 – ? and then layering them. But then I received some really good works of art which had clearly been designed and made up by the donor and they were real pictures and cleverly thought out. And I was then faced with a situation where crafting became impossible – ruined quilts covered in inks etc and also requiring considerable physical stamina. My daughter bought me some decoupage and I found that I could manage that in short bursts. Cutting out is relaxing and easy to carry on jaunts etc. This has meant that I have been able to carry on crafting. I am very grateful to the very generous donors who have brghtened my life by opening up this aspect of crafting. I think there is room for all different types and not everyone wishes to use stamps or get dirty with alcohol inks etc.

  2. I’m sorry it’s not for me either. I have a certain admirtion though for those who love it, because of the patience they must have.

  3. I enjoy doing decoupage, but I’m not into the die cut ones, I like the challenge of preparing my own. people ask why? well, why do we do altered art? Why take something and change it? Because we can! Same with decoupage, and any other form of crafting I expect. I love Hel’s book and Simon’s bag & will have a go myself one day.

  4. I’m afraid I’m with your Simon. Decoupage is not my thing at all. Then again it could be because the images that seem to be available are a bit ‘old fashioned’ for my taste or totally cutsey which also doesn’t go with my crafting style. Having said that crafting is a very personal thing and if you like it..then do it, that’s what I say!

  5. I love other people’s decoupage but I struggle cutting everything out. I find die cut easier cos i am a cheat but I admire peeps who can do it the proper way. I have some fantastic works of art from persons who are experts in this field.

  6. I do dabble now and again, as I did actually set the Sunday Stampers the other week as decoupage a stamp, I am more in to my stamping at the moment and only wished I had started stamping sooner x

  7. I have already left a comment of the podcast about decoupage and as I said there are some folks who do fabulous decoupage just as there as some really messy pieces of altered art just because it appears to be THE trend and everyone must join in. Art /craft whatever is for anyone to enjoy in whatever capacity they like but crafters shouldn’t be pushed to try something which they are never going to achieve their enjoyment from. Dont just follow the trend , do what makes you happy!

  8. I must say it is not one of my favourite techniques, although I have used it a few times (mainly when I’ve had a free decoupage kit with a craft magazine!). I do like to use it with rubber stamps though – some stamps lend themselves to this technique very easily, and you are still somewhat in control of the creative part by choosing what parts to layer, and the colouring of course. One of the things I personally dislike about most decoupage is the ‘glossy’ finish you always get. But a lot of people love it, and love receiving cards using decoupage.

  9. I have done some decoupage and find it quite relaxing sitting cutting out. I’m not too fond of the die-cut decoupage though. I guess we all have our personal likes and dislikes. I think some decoupage can look really good depending on the item being decoupaged and equally some don’t look too good. Also, if you have decoupage ready cut out then it is good for a quick card.

  10. To each his own… not my cup of tea, but I’ve seen some amazing works of découpage art and I take my hat off (well, I would if I wore one) to anyone with the patience to do it properly. Some of the more recent designs are quite funky, btw – wish some of them were stamps!

  11. Now Simon. You know you will be on a hiding to nothing with me on this one. Everyone knows that I dont like die cut decoupage. Mainly because I was taught how to decoupage by the lady who brought decoupage into the UK quite a few years ago. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but then getting all messy and inky isn’t mine. I find decoupage totally relaxing. I don’t glaze my decoupage, but there are some people who do. Everyone to their own and if you enhoy it, then there is no harm in it.

  12. I am afraid to say it, but, I love Decoupage. and i find that most people, who ask me to make them cards, are a little miffed if i dont do a decoupaged one for them. i think it is the way you construct and enhance the image which is important. it is the setting which is important. being a lover of decoupage i believe it brings my images on the card to life. dont get me wrong i see some things on a certain TV show. and i think yuck! and some of the stuff is naff. i find myself looking at an image and think i can decoupage it. you see the inner beauty of a Flat Cardboard image and think to yourself, i could liven it up. dont get me wrong, i dont just decoupage, i like to embrace all elements of crafting and enjoy trying new stuff. but the public dont want my new stuff, they want my decoupaged stuff. that is what is sooooo great about the forum. we get to challenge our creativity be it with ATC swaps or Lesleys (we are not worthy) Fate Page Swaps. so yeh. Bring on the “new stuff” but hey lets also remember the old stuff. i love it all.

  13. forgot to say. here, here Linda im with you.

  14. I think that the appeal of decoupage for many people is the fact that you do not need many supplies to make a card. So there is less of a storage and cost issue. Stamps, paints, inks etc all take up space whereas decoupage will fit in a lever arch file.

    Some decoupage looks very good – others not so good. But each to their own. My OH hates peeloffs with a vengeance but I have seen some lovely cards made with them.

    As with all crafts, it depends on what you do with the samps, decoupage, peeloffs.

    But more importantly, someone made an effort and produced a card of ther own, rather than buying one.

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